Free Leonard Peltier

Anarchists People of Colour

Info on the liberation struggle in west papua

a west papua support group

If like us, you believe that culture can be a tool of resistance check these vital books by ron sakolsky

Innuit Circumpolar Conference

Micheal Franti and Spearhead :warm soulful vibes

Aztlan underground merging hiphop rock and indigenous traditions

Visionary Underground

funky funky breakbeats Coco of V.U did this graphic.

turning disconnection into inter connection! the sheer power of dub!

ON U SOUND good people, wicked sounds and home of dub maestro Adrian Sherwood

Ricanstruction our companeros in the struggle!

Ramjac full of humour and check his absolutely brillant version of micheal smith track Roots.

Soma Mestizo you gotta check this! make sure you download their mesmerizing Sunshine mp3

Tuff Sound Recording the creative home of the Dub surgeon Soy Sos

Griots: independent music, film and art

Te Kupu: Maori hiphop artist and visionary filmmaker

Casper Lomayesva: crucial Hopi reggae artist

Mark Stewart.. fiery inspirational…

Information the productions/ Poetry of Red Flea and spoken word H. Doug Matsuoka. Witty and fiery dub inspired words from Hawai'i including "Electric Lau Lau" and some of our all time favorite spoken word pieces. Check out the new CD "Terenesia" featuring two poets from Oceania Teresia and Sia and "Spider Bone Diaries" from Red flea.