As part of freedub we will endeavour to make as much of IR available to the public for free whether it be through free vinyl, free cds or right here as mp3s, just keep your ear to the ground.

In 2007 IR released 3 seven inch vinyl records pressed at Tuff Gong in Kingston, Jamaica which were given free to the public. These records: IR11, IR12,IR13 can be downloaded at no cost by following this link to our Brasilian collaborators Dubdem Soundsytem.

DubNrevolution Bass Dr Das (adf) and Not4Prophet (Ricansruction) programmed, mixed and produced by Sun-J(adf)Green Leaf studio.

Download MP3 here - 4.1 mb

DubNrevolution acappella vocals 2 minutes 24 secs the above mix featured an edited version of these lyrics.  Here are the complete acappella vocals for the entire searing lyrics Not4prophet wrote for us, read the full lyrics on our lyrics page of this site.


Download MP3 here - 4.1 mb

Photo by Aldo Cardosa S.
Eagle Screaming Red Sky Alight 4 minutes 46 secs

Main vocals Christiane D Speech about Iraq : Chuck D Background vocals omar perry. Additional production,dub effects, engineering for Christiane D by Soy Sos at Tuff Sounds Studio. Based on a dub riddim track created by Pandit G(ADF) and Adrian Sherwood mixed at ON U Sound studio. Lyrics by Jessie Kleeman and Kokonda Dub.

Download MP3 here - 6.6 mb

Eagle Screaming: Red Sky Alight SOY SOS REMIX done at Tuff Sound Recording Download Mp3 here - 7.3 mb

The story of how the main vocals for this track came about is truly a magical one. Click HERE to read background for this track

Through The Eyes Of One Who Paints With Earth 2 minutes 37 secs

Traditional tongan chants alongside music performedand composed by Micheal Franti and Carl Young (Spearhead) with spoken word by kokonda dub; inspired by stories by a visionary artist JAABI (he who paints with earth) who made us aware of the talented reggae musicians and dub people of the magical islands of Vanuatu.

Download MP3 here - 3.8 mb

IR12 a mis en relief le tout premier enregistrement d"Assiko une musique traditionelle senegalaise.
Cette performance fut executee par l"ensemble fantastique de batteurs de tambour le Technosiko en collaboration avec le chanteur bresilien Dandaradub. Cette oeuvre fut enregistree et editee par Ramjac (U.K.) Cette production" Mon Ami" est offerte gratuite au publique et peut etre obtenue ici.


IR4 One concept is represented by 3 different chants.

For this release one concept is represented by 3 different chants. They are heard in the following order Mako Haka Hahine (1minute 23 secs) Te unga Tuai ( 2 minute 3 secs) Te ungu a sa angeahe (rootical mix nyabingi vibe) (2 minutes 16 secs).

On this page you can all 3 chants combined together as IR4

Download MP3 here - 8.1 mb

Due to many requests we Included as a separate download the ROOTS OF ROOTS NYABINGHI mix of. Te unga a sa angeahe (2 minutes 16 secs)

Download MP3 here - 3.2 mb

Here are just dry acappela vocals of Mako Haka Hahine(1 minute 23 secs) accapela vocals only Te unga Tuai (1 minute 57 sec)and Te unga a sa angeahe just accapela vocals (1 minute 42 sec) to facilitate downloading we have put all acappella chants in one mp3

Download MP3 here - 7.2 mb

The chants in this project come from the family traditions of the singer toxie polyn. If you wish to use them in another context please respect the family tradition and the protocol that is involved and ask permision from toxie and his family first.. please contact toxie at

This track was created collectively with musicians from various different regions of the solomon islands. This track addresses the conflict in the Solomon Islands. The release is meant as a tool for healing and reconciliation after the divisive conflict within the Solomon Islands. This is a completely independent, self sufficient project initiated and created by indigenous musicians from the Solomon Islands. The process of creating the release reflect the message of the recording as the musicians involved worked together in the spirit of good humour, generosity, goodwill and of course an abundance of dub! The recording process was a revolutionary in the manner in which knowledge was shared. Indigenous people arming themselves with the tools of knowledge to protect and carry their culture forward.

I.R Ramjacs Gloriously Funky Instrumental mix Bass: Dr Das Guitar Percussion :Ramjac Vocals Krikati Indians recorded in brasil by kokonda dub track mixed and produced by Ramjac at his U.K studio. The vocals of the Krikati in this track translates to: the resistance underground continues.

Download MP3 here - 7.6 mb

IR acappella vocals. These vocals are also suitable for radio broadcast as a means to educate the public about the liberation movement in West Papua.

Download MP3 here - 1.4 mb