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"IR18 The DJ Rodrigo Bogota Mixtape" a 12 track release on iTunes.
"IR15 Revolta" on iTunes &
"IR17 Sacred Power::The Steven Stanley Mixes"is also available through iTunes.
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IR 14 Direct Action

In 2004 the blue vinyl IR1 was released featuring
asian dub foundation, mad mike (UR) and the krikati
indians.Since then IR has been very productive.
Besides the full length cd IR2 and four 7" vinyls
given free to the public, free mp3s downloads , a
book "IR9 Indigenous & Black Wisdubs"; IR and the cd
"IR10 Indigenous Dublands" IR now releases the new cd
IR 14 Direct Action Dubmissions

This cd features long time IR collaborator Dr Das ,mad mike (underground resistance ) the krikati indians of brasil mixed by steven stanley (who mixed Tom Tom Club's "Genius of Love","Black Uhuru dub albums,"Talking Heads","B 52s") with artwork and photos by dubdem, angela sterritt and mapuchedub alongside titling dub , sequencing and production by prasonik,tapedave and the ghost.
This disc marks the FIRST time a detroit electro track has been mixed in jamaica. With its mixture of tablas, dub, detroit techno influences, the participation of the indigenous krikati people from Brasil the cd deliberately sets out to dissolve musical boundaries .
With their survival and physical existence threatened by poaching cattle ranchers and other interested in their land the krikati pleaded for many years with brasilian state authorities who ignored the pleas of this small group of indigenous people .The krikati decided to take direct action and armed only with bows and arrows and alot of courage they burnt down the electricity
powerlines that were on their ancestral lands,knocking out power in the major cities nearby.Their
action prompted the electricity company fearful of loosing more profit to force the state government to negotiate with the krikati.News of this sucesful action by the krikati was suppressed in brasil. This
trak is about this action.Part of the lyrics in the krikati language JE are them saying "the resistance
underground continues"

The release is currently available on iTunes, cd baby and Beatport

IR13 features the mixing wizardy of steven stanley and soy sos, the awesome bass of dr das and traditonal singing from the solomon islands(tohununo), turtle island (jimmy dick) and the dub beautiful vocals of soma mestizo's christiane D. Dub and groove meet in a mystical form.
All these tracks are available for free download click
here to arrive at dubdem soundsystem site where you
can download them. Dubdem are our brasilian collaborators.

You can also download the artwork for the 3 vinyls by clicking on the images


IR12 highlights the first ever recording of a senegalese group playing traditional assiko music (the
fantastic drumming ensemble Technosiko )collaborating
with a brasilian snger (Dandara dub ) with mastering
and editing supplied by Ramjac (uk)

I R12 a mis en relief le tout premier enregistrement d"Assiko une musique traditionelle senegalaise. Cette performance fut executee par l"ensemble fantastique de batteurs de tambour le Technosiko en collaboration avec le chanteur bresilien Dandaradub. Cette oeuvre
fut enregistree et editee par Ramjac (U.K.) Cette production" Mon Ami" est offerte gratuite au publique et peut etre obtenue ici.

2007 saw IR release 3 seven inch vinyl records IR 11, 1R 12 and IR13 that were pressed at Tuff Gong in Kingston, Jamaica.


IR11 features the track "Instinto Revolucionario" showcasing voices from different regionns of brasil.Zumbi (rio de janeiro) jah ulli (sao paulo) dandaradub (pernambuco). The marks the tenth
anniversary of the horrorific murder of the patoxo indian Galdino in Brasilla, a subject that artists and media in brasil are still reluctant to address.

IR10 Indigenous Dublands On this 6 track cd you can hear

1st. track Sacred Power:Embracing A Free Leonard Peltier featuring dr das (ex -asian dub
foundation), ramjac, tohununo (solomon islands ) swampy cree traditonal singing by jimmy dick mixed by dub funkmeister steven stanley who has mixed talking heads, black uhuru, B 52s.

2nd. IR Communiquation F**k Patriarchy (Tapedave Treetop mix) IR reworks dr das track "communique " from his "Emergency Basslines " cd adds its own anti sexism message by kokonda dub which urges men to support radical women with additional dub architecture by tapedave.

3rd. Tatoo Dub mix (Soy Sos mix :Tapedave edit) enter into sacred world of sosolakam .Soy Sos (Soma mestizo, 3 gen walking) uses the traditonal instruments of solomon islands played by saevo and tohununo to create an atmospheric dub track highlighted by the dub beautiful vocals of traditional singer tohununo and soma mestizo vocalist Christiane D . Soma mestizo has just launched a new cd Telomere search for it!

4th. Make A Stand (dr das meets sly n robbie) feel the funk alongside a message of self reliance/ non compliance.

5th. Original Sosolakam Rockers (Saevo mix) solomon islands' musician saevo adds solomon islands noseflute and keyboards to jamaican nyabinghi drums and swampy cree traditional singing in a track inspired by the dub vibes of augustus pablo.The first time a track has been done to
mix noseflute from the solomons ,nyabinghi drumming from jamaica and swampy cree traditional swampy cree singing from turtle island.

6th. Sacred Power Chanting Cree mix jimmy's full throttle cree chanting unleashed into a funk dub mix courtesy of mixmaster steven stanley. dub search out these tracks from"Indigenous Dublands"
on cd baby, digstation & itunes.

IR has also published the book "IR9 Indigenous and Black Wisdub"featuring rich visual dub mixes by brasilian graphic designer Dubdem including dub photos of jamaica. This book features dub philosphy and wisdoms/wisdubs which draws on black and indigenous political thought and reasonings from John
Trudell, Jeannette Armstrong. Douglas Cardinal, Assata Shakur, Jean "Binta"Breeze, Tohununo and Pesio.

Here are some excerpts from the book:

"Leaders know you cant trust one who follows. Followers know not to trust one who leads.They say whoever has the most money has the most power.Thats not true. Whoever makes the most money basically is greedy! They say whoever controls the political system thats power.No thats not power Thats exploitation and deceit! But if we believe these things are power then obviously we dont know ourselves and we dont trust ourselves enough to know that we are connected to the real power source which is life and earth." John Trudell.

"One has to state that all premises that men have as women are basically wrong and you start from
there. Even the language is wrong.We almost have to create a new language which shows respect for women.I think as men if we walked in womens shoes for a while we would be outraged." Douglas Cardinall.
"The money world/ this money world is moving too fast/ for people to to take notice of things/ things that are important/ this is the blindness that will defeat them/in the ways of the sacred indigenous world the peoples eyes were open/they were encourged not too concentrate on accumulating material possessions /instead they were taught to accumulate a wide range of survival skills, knowledge and understandings they could take with them wherever they travelled and moved" Tohununo.

You can download the free pdf of this book here


IR has also completed the documentary "IR6" filmed in the South Pacific Island of Sosolakam and the Amazon jungle. IR6 explores among other things the travelling and meeting of africans and indigenous peoples in various parts of the world prior to european arrival in the americas &south pacific. I.R videos are also up on Youtube just search for indigenousresistance among the videos you can view are "At least American Indian People Know How They Have Been F**Ked Around" the title says it all and at the same time the video debunks the myth that people of colour dont read and dont value books.