I.R. is a new music label launched in 2003 by TFTT that explores the twin themes of Indigenous Resistance/Indigenous Reality. Issues and examples of indigenous resistance and Indigenous reality that normally dont receive attention will be highlighted through our releases.

I.R also refers to homegrown insurrection and the fight against injustice everywhere.

I.R is intimately connected to the TFTT freedub project. Hence there will be opportunities to recive vinyl, books, posters free of charge.

An autonomous venture, I.R releases comes together with a minimum of resources but with a maximum of cooperation and care from those involved in the project; a family of loosely affilated folks who believe in the spirit and deed of resistance. We all have the capacity to fight the beast. We all have a part we can play.

To read more on IR, you can download our communique for IR10 which gives a good overview of our modus operandi. You can download it here.

The Jamaica Journal wrote an amazingly in-depth article about TFTT and the IR process, you can download the PDF pages in a zip file here.



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